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Born in Caracas Nov. 23rd, 1957.
 Studied sculpturing art at the Graphic Arts Center (CEGRA, Centro de Enseñanza Gráfica) and engraving art at the Ecole d’Art Decoratives, in Nize, France; graphic arts at the Ecole d’Art  Decoratives, in Paris, France, with a scholarship from the French government and the Neumann Design Institute in Caracas. Took an apprenticeship at the School of Fine Arts in Paris.
In Paris attended several workshops dictated by the well know artists Etienne Martín and Carlos Cruz-Diez, and some courses with artists like Antonio Lazo, Alirio Palacios, Edgar Sánchez, Luisa Palacios, Manuel Espinoza and Luisa Richter.

Worked as a sculpture and painting teacher of Child Creativity at the Federico Brandt Art Institute, in FUNDARTE and in a private elementary school in Caracas.

In 1978, illustrated the book "Escrituras para un libro de un Buen Amor" ("Writings for a Book of a Good Love") by the famous Venezuelan writer Héctor Mujica.

The following authors have writtten about his work: Carlos Cruz Diez, Juan Calzadilla, María Elena Ramos, Roberto Guevara, Víctor Guédez, Bélgica Rodríguez, Laura Antillano, Milagros Bello, Lenelina Delgado, Lorenzo Batallán, Juan Carlos Palenzuela.

Took some apprenticeships at the Cándido Millán workshop in Caracas.

Is an active member of the Venezuelan Association of Plastic Artists, AVAP, and the Workshop of Associated Graphic Artists, TAGA, and member of the Museum of the Stamps and the Designs "Carlos Cruz-Diez", in Caracas.

Enrico Armas has participated in more than 140 international and national group exhibitions. Among them, we can find: Triennial of Sculpture in Small Format in Hungary, 1987; International Symposium of Sculpture at the "Baconao Park" in Santiago, Cuba, 1988; 7th Edition, Artx`91 Mindstructure Gallery, Miami, "Memorias de una Poética" (Memories of a poetic), Venezuelan Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bogotá, Colombia, 1999; II Biennial City of Firenze, Italy 1999; Young and Great Men in Paris, 1999.

He has also received uncountable acknowledgments in important events. Armas is represented in many private and institutional collections, and there are many of his open air sculptures in Venezuela and many other countries.


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